The bathroom is always a good place to spawn wonderful idea…

There was a thought suddenly appeared in my mind when I was washing today: What if we thought economic independence as life environment indenpendent? The target was to build an almostly self-sufficient hatch exclusively to someone in order to give more freedom and soothe his work for survive. In technical deatils the most problem I think is not entropy itself but the energy balance in an enclosed system which means there will no longer have energy transfroms required by ecological cycles. So the only solution is to get energy from external source such as solar sussessively.

Now I am seeking more knowkedges about these topics, but for the most urgency things, two which currently. One is to accomplish my linear algebra course which was stucking on chapters relevnce to differential equation and eigenvictor from last June. Another is the graduate design, the issue is that most of the skills required by my design is either not in mastering or (almost) totally a placeholder in it as just heard its definition and application so I then though it might be useful in the design.



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