Believe in Yourself
Believe in your dreams.
Believe that you are loved.
Believe that you make a different.
Believe we can build a better world.
Believe there’s light at the end of the tunnel.
Believe that you may be that light for someone else.
Believe that the best is yet to be.
Believe in yourself.


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Introduction to Linear Algebra

This is an excerpt of both brief summary and worked examples of each section in the Introduction to Linear Algebra (Fifth Edition) by Gilbert Strang

MIT Course 18.06, Spring 2022

TODO: draw svg format figure by using tikz; Using gather* or align* or array while there is a line break in display mode LaTex.

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现实主义者只会在旧的思潮和旧的制度里为将死之人和自己的既得利益哀鸣, 为自己狭隘的世界观和价值观做无用的辩驳.
他们固步自封腐朽僵化, 对曾经发生的事实和未来要发生的变革视而不见, 或者视而不承认见过.
未来是属于理想主义者的, 理想主义者知道曾经发生过的事实, 相信人性和人类的无限可能, 并在前辈的指引下继续前行.

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