原件在放置时按 Tab 键可暂停(暂停后调整属性), 按 Enter 键继续

设置格点View->Grids->Set Snap Grid… (快捷键VGS)

在Name属性中, 字符后面加上 \ 可给字符加上Overline, 如 V\I\N 会显示为 VIN


开始入门 Blender, 契机是我的米家随手吸尘器的配件-前置滤网的 ABS 框架被我烤变形了,
淘宝搜寻一番后发现卖 50+ 实在太贵, 遂自己建模打印一个.

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Prof.Lin Xu

有幸看到这位教授的经历, 很有启发, 遂摘录下来

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Believe in Yourself
Believe in your dreams.
Believe that you are loved.
Believe that you make a different.
Believe we can build a better world.
Believe there’s light at the end of the tunnel.
Believe that you may be that light for someone else.
Believe that the best is yet to be.
Believe in yourself.


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Introduction to Linear Algebra by Gilbert Strang

The word “unit” is always indicating that some measurement equals “one”.

TODO: keep all the vector symbols have a boldface style.

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